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For the most of his career, The artwork of Mr. Jiehua Sun remains unheard to the out-world. Kitemaking and flying has been Mr. Sun and his family�s private joy.

This has changed very recently when Mr. Sun visited US and participated in the 35th and 36th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival (SKF) held in Washington DC. Mr. Sun�s competing kites, a 28-segment centipede in 2001 and a 58-segment dragon in 2002, were welcomed by fellow kitefliers as soon as he arrived on the festival ground. He received one of the most welcoming cheers during the flight demonstration. Eventually, his kites won five awards in 2001, including the Highest Overall Score Award and the People�s Choice Award, and four awards in 2002, thanks to the wonderful crowd and fellow kitefliers.

On April 28 and 29, 2001, Mr. Sun went to Ocean City, MD to meet other kitefliers in the 6th Annual Maryland International Kite Exposition (MIKE), where he and his company enjoyed two days of beach, breeze and kite flying. He also received a trophy for the train category.

Below are the awards won by Mr. Sun on the 35th and 36th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival and the one award from 6th MIKE. Click on the captions to see a larger picture.

        Awards from 36th SKF, 2002:

People�s Choice

Beauty in the Air


Eastern Kite


        Awards from 35th SKF, 2001:

People�s Choice


Highest Overall Score




Eastern / Traditional


First Place


Train Maker

        The award from 6th MIKE, 2001:

Trains and Centipedes




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